About Us

Quantum Opus is a small, privately held Limited Liability Company (LLC) located in Novi, Michigan. We are committed to the goal of providing novel products and services to enable researchers to make single-photon measurements with unmatched sensitivity, speed, and precision.


Aaron J. Miller, PhD, has 20+ years of expertise in superconducting photon detector technologies and cryogenic systems, including semiconductor and superconductor device design, fabrication procedures, equipment safety, process development, fiber coupling, and low-noise electronics. He earned his BA in Physics and Mathematics from Albion College in 1995 and his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University in 2001, worked in detector and systems development at NIST (Boulder, CO) from 2001-2005, and was on faculty at Albion College from 2005-2014.
Josh A. Cassada, PhD, has extensive experience in high-energy physics, specifically programming analyses and modeling and, in his subsequent Naval flight career, has developed and honed a disciplined approach to technical challenges relying on detailed procedural methodology, systematic process flow, and effective documentation and test reporting. He earned his BA in Physics from Albion College in 1995 and his PhD in Physics from the University of Rochester in 2000. At the founding of Quantum Opus, Josh led the fabrication process development for our photon detection products. In June 2013 he was selected as one of eight members of the 21st NASA astronaut class. Watch the launch of his current Crew-5 mission here!
Holly B. Miller, MBA, has over 15 years of experience in public and private audit, including financial audits of software and internet companies, initial public offerings and other transactional and regular SEC filings and is experienced with assessing business cycles and identifying risks, control and operational weaknesses and improving operational efficiency. She earned her BA in Economics and French from Albion College in 1996 and her CPA while in public audit at Coopers and Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in San Francisco, and her MBA in Finance from Michigan State University in 2015.