Private: News and Events

Characterization of Quantum Opus Technology For Use In Space Communication

NASA researchers are increasing efforts to upgrade data rates in space by shifting to optical communications. Scientists at the John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH have published a paper at the recent SPIE Photonics West Conference performing a thorough analysis of how nanowire detectors might perform in such a long-range, photon-starved, network using an Opus One superconducting nanowire detection system. This is the most thorough third party performance evaluation of our detectors to date.

QCMC 2018 Sponsorship

The International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC) is a bi-annual meeting to bring together scientists and engineers working in the interdisciplinary field of quantum information science and technology. Quantum Opus is proud to sponsor the fourteenth such meeting which will take place March 12-16, 2018 at Louisiana State University. Join us at the exhibition to get a preview of our new ultra-compact, low-power, Opus Two system!

Exhibiting at CLEO 2017

Quantum Opus will be exhibiting its compact, rack-mountable, continuously operating, superconducting nanowire single-photon detection systems. These systems can be optimized for maximum-efficiency narrowband response or high-efficiency broadband response. We will be highlighting newly increased channel capacity of our system (up to 32 nanowires!) as well as recent cryogenic amplifier developments which allow us to achieve detector jitter as low as 50 ps. Meet us at our booth #2023

Single Photon Workshop Sponsorship

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 2017 Single Photon Workshop (SPW) at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado (USA). SPW 2017 is intended to bring together a broad range of scientists, engineers and newcomers in the field of single-photon generation and detection for fundamental science and applications. Researchers from universities, industry, and government will present their latest developments in single-photon devices and methods with a view toward improved performance and new application areas. We at Quantum Opus are proud to count ourselves as members and supporters of this community. Stay tuned for further information on a sponsored luncheon and an onsite presentation of a novel, ultra-compact, low-power consumption, photon-counting system.